Sep 5, 2013

Art for the Commodore 64

Raquel Meyers is a Spanish artist familiar in the field of audiovisual art, with a preference for older lo-fi technology. She has produced many videos related to Chiptune music, but her current medium of choice appears to be animated PETSCII, the Commodore text protocol. She has produced many visuals with her longtime collaborator GOTO80 (who produces the music), and a recent example is this pirate themed work entitled Dansa in, which in itself is a C64 executable program. The code that generates this demo, written by Johan Kotlinski, occupies only 44 kilobytes, and for "full pleasure" the makers recommend watching on a C64 and a CRT screen. The software is available here, and a video preview below:


Jan 14, 2013

Welcome to ART 214.01!

This will be our class interface. Go to and set up your own blog, then email me your blog address: (

What's the blog for?

Turning in assigned writings, communicating as a group, and as an online sketchbook of your creative ideas and research.

Look to the syllabus for deadlines. You will be writing about digital artists, reflecting on class discussions and readings here.

You should upload images and video of artwork, and sources of inspiration for your development as an artist.